The Need for Scaffolding

If you’re having a solar panel installation anywhere above a single storey flat roof, then you’ll almost certainly need to have scaffolding installed so we can ensure the safety of our roofing teams. In fact, even first floor roofs sometimes need scaffolding or safety rails around the edge.

In this article, we’ll give you some information relating to your scaffolding installation; what issues may arise, and what you should look out for. And what you can do to make this aspect of your project go as smoothly as possible.

Solar Panel Installation

Scaffolding for domestic solar panel installation (Image: Tanjent)

What’s Involved with Scaffolding

Your scaffolding team will arrive in a large ‘wagon’, and will require good access to your property. They’ll know what’s required and will soon set about the installation. Please be aware – scaffolding poles are long and heavy and plenty of room is needed to move them into position. Caution should be taken, and all children supervised around the scaffolding location during installation, while the scaffold is in place, and during the dismantling phase.

We generally arrange the erection of scaffolding in the week prior to your installation; this is to prevent installation delays, and to give the option of surveying the roof ahead of the install. Similarly the scaffolding is typically left up for a week or so after the installation; only once we are certain that your panels are working completely as expected will we arrange a day for the scaffolding to be removed (the ‘strike’ date).

Your scaffold is installed by a specialist sub-contracted company, who may contact you directly prior to or during the installation. We ask that you be at home for the scaffold install, equipment deliveries and scaffold removal.

Scaffolding for commercial solar panel installation (Image: Tanjent)

Scaffolding for commercial solar panel installation (Image: Tanjent)

The scaffolding team may need to locate some aspect of the install on an adjoining neighbour’s property, and this may not become apparent until they begin the installation. If necessary, please discuss this with and seek agreement from your neighbour. Also, please clear the work area in advance (removing plant pots, anything else fragile, any obstructions, etc.) ready for the scaffolding and the installation teams. Make the teams aware of any potential hazards, or areas of your property where extra care should be taken. Our sub-contractors may, on our behalf, install signage advertising Tanjent Energy for the duration of the installation.

Note that our insurance does not cover any individual other than those working for Tanjent Energy to use the scaffold in any way. Please don’t climb the scaffold yourself, and also ensure children are suitably supervised.

If you have any questions regarding your scaffolding and installation, just ask. To see the process involved in installation, see our time lapse video here.

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