If you’re new to the EV game and find yourself asking ‘What is an electric car?’, don’t be shy. TG explains all…

If you’re on the hunt for a new car (or even a used one, come to think of it) for the first time in a blue moon, it won’t have escaped your attention that electric cars are now everywhere.

Virtually every mainstream manufacturer either has a range of electric cars on sale already, or will do in the very near future. Not least because the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles is set to be outlawed in 2030. Even hybrids – which mix engines with electric power – will be banned by 2035. Nope, emissions really aren’t trendy any more.


Anyway, those deadlines mean lots of people are now at the start of what we’ll regrettably refer to as their ‘electric car journey’ (ugh), and so will be asking themselves questions like ‘What is an electric car, exactly?’ and ‘How do electric cars work?’

You may be among them. If so, congratulations! You’re in the right place to have your most pressing electric car questions answered. Keep scrolling and we’ll bring you up to speed with the very basics of this exciting new land on the Planet Car map…

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