The government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the United Kingdom has released updated guidance clearing up the confusion surrounding the installation of storage at households exporting solar to the grid.

More still needs to be done though, argues the Solar Trade Association.

Ofgem has updated technical guidance, which has removed what has been described a “key barrier” to the residential battery storage market.

Until now, there has been confusion over whether homes that have installed solar and receive export tariffs for supplying the grid with the generated electricity, are still eligible for payments if they add battery storage and a smart meter.

“The legislation underpinning the RO and FIT schemes does not refer to or define storage or storage facilities. This means that the co-location of storage with accredited renewable generation is neither expressly prohibited nor expressly provided for under the schemes,” writes Ofgem in the new guidance document.

It continues, “However, we consider that where the requirements of the schemes continue to be met, storage can be deployed and the accreditation of RO generating stations or FIT installations can remain valid under the existing legislative framework.”

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