As talk about the threat of nuclear war is being heard against the backdrop of the Ukraine war—and with continuing fears about climate change and economic turmoil—people are beginning to wonder how they can prepare for the worst.

Building Collapse (Image: F. Anzola/Flickr)

Building Collapse (Image: F. Anzola/Flickr)

Concerns about a nuclear “Armageddon” or global food shortages may have many of us worrying about what will happen next, but some have already put their apocalypse plans into place.

“Part of the point of prepping is to not have to react every time something bad happens,” John Ramey, founder and CEO of website The Prepared, told Newsweek. “Similar to when COVID hit, where preppers were safe at home, not waiting in line to buy toilet paper.

“The Ukraine war, like any major event, motivates a chunk of new people to take preparedness seriously. Those who were already prepared aren’t changing their behavior or doing anything differently because…they’re already prepared,” he said.

Survivor Jane, founder of and host of Prepper Camp, has a similar view.

“Regarding the Ukraine war, our behavior hasn’t changed per se, as we currently live a self-reliant lifestyle,” she told Newsweek. “However, with that said, we have picked up our pace in areas where items are becoming harder to come by, such as items used to fix or repair vehicles or machinery, tools, building supplies and supplies for animals.

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