The prowess of the UK’s offshore wind sector and how it has helped shape global developments, particularly with the international acclaim the nation’s work in the North Sea continues to gain, cannot be understated.

Although many may look to the East coast of the UK to observe the renewable powerhouse being developed in the North Sea, another market is beginning to mature to the West in the Celtic Sea. This market is gaining increasing interest from multiple parties.

Current± has reported on several developments in the past year showcasing the growing interest in the region. One of which was a report released by centre of energy expertise Regen.

The conveniently named Go West! report was released in October 2022 in partnership with Magnora Offshore Wind, Morwind, Northland Power and Simply Blue Group. Inside, the organisation outlined how the development of West Coast wind farms would reduce the volatility of energy generation, providing additional benefits for system operation.

UK’s Offshore Wind Sector (Image: National Grid)

Developing the UK’s Offshore Wind Sector in the Celtic Sea could also level up infrastructure and communities adjacent to the Celtic Sea and North and West Scotland. This is a crucial aspect to consider, given that it could help scale clean energy jobs in areas such as the South West of England and Wales.

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