David Anderson first started worrying about shortages around the time of the Brexit referendum.

After reading reports that supermarkets could face disruption, he thought it would be sensible to have some supplies set aside for emergencies.

My first seedlings appear (Image: T. Larkum)

My first seedlings appear (Image: T. Larkum)

He also realised he could save money by bulk buying when he found good deals. When panic buying set in during the pandemic, he knew he could rest easy because he already had several months’ worth of non-­perishable food and essentials.

This year, he and other “preppers” – those who prepare for worst-case scenarios – have seen their savings skyrocket. It comes as grocery price inflation hit 14.6pc in the year to September, with dairy and dog food among the items rising the fastest.

Many of the products Mr Anderson has been stockpiling have gone up in price by as much as 20pc. Moreover, he has a peace of mind that may be enviable to some. “I feel quite at ease,” he said. “It sounds odd because I know prices are going up, but I’m really lucky because I have things I can draw on and I don’t find that I’m doing those larger shops any more.”

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