The electric car market is more competitive than ever, with a vast and growing selection of battery-powered electric cars now battling for consumer attention.

New government mandates came into force at the start of 2024, which stipulate that manufacturers now have a minimum electric car sales quota to meet. This has started to slowly lower the barrier to EV ownership, as more mainstream manufacturers look to undercut their rivals by launching cheaper electric models.

While there are several new compact EVs on the way that are all vying to dominate the emerging budget EV market, all-electric options priced below £30k are currently sparse, at least for now.

Going by new sales alone, one EV really stands above the competition. The Tesla Model Y SUV is not only the best-selling electric car by some margin, but is also the world’s most popular car of any fuel type right now, and frequently appears towards the top of the UK’s monthly sales charts.

MG 5 EV estate - battery-powered Electric Cars

MG 5 EV estate (Image: TL/Tanjent)

However, there are several all-electric models that are just as worthy of your attention, and some of them have a cheaper price tag too.

Now starting with new models available for under £30k, we’ve analysed all the electric cars available at key price points in the new car market, and consulted our industry-leading Expert Rating Index to see which models have the highest review scores from across the UK motoring media.

With comprehensive review data backing our recommendations, you can be confident that this is the definitive guide to the best new electric cars for every budget that are on sale in the UK right now.

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