The boost follows a tough year, hampered by Tesla Model 3 production.

Tesla is going to focus its efforts on the Solar Roof for the coming year, CEO Elon Musk told an audience Thursday. The company’s energy-collecting tiles, which look like a standard roof to the untrained eye, have wowed onlookers with their sleek design but have so far only made their way to a handful of houses. Based on Musk’s comments, that’s all about to change.

“This is definitely going to be the year of the Solar Roof and Powerwall,” Musk said during the company’s unveiling of the Tesla Model Y entry-level compact SUV at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. “Because of the extreme challenges with the Model 3 production, we had to basically allocate all resources to Model 3 production because otherwise, we were going to die.”

Musk explained that these efforts will “ultimately be really critical for transitioning the world to sustainable energy.” Solar panels harness sunlight for clean energy, while batteries store the power for use at all times.

“Solar plus battery plus electric vehicles, we have a fully sustainable future,” Musk said. “That’s a future you can feel really excited and optimistic about. I think that really matters.”

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