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Tesla Model 3 was revealed earlier this year and is the most hyped car of 2017. 

In total 455,000 people pre-ordered the car without even seeing it, something which is unprecedented.

A new document released by EPA, the Environment Protection Agency, revealed some new details about the electric car.

It was submitted by Tesla in order for the Model 3 to receive accreditation by the agency, but the document revealed secret about the car’s range.

If it is anything to go by it seems that Tesla has been underselling the range of the Model 3.

Tesla currently advertises that the Long Range Model 3 has a range of 310 miles on a single charge, but the EPA document states that the car has 334 miles of range.

The change in range is being referred to a ‘Tesla Desired Range’.

There is yet to be an explanation as to why the range was listed differently to the EPA document, but if you’re one of the people to pre-order the long range Model 3, you surely won’t mind.

One of the reasons that the range was undersold is due to the very specific conditions needed to achieve the max range of a vehicle.

Numerous factors influence the way the range of a car including driving style, temperature and speed you travel at.

Range is not the only area of the car the manufacturer looks to managing expectation on.

According to the EPA the Model 3 is also capable of “accepting DC current to 525A from an off-board charger (Supercharger). “

This would make it charge faster than both the Model S and Model X despite it previously being suggested that it was slower.

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