Social Energy has said its customers are the first green residential prosumers in Great Britain after it enabled them to claim Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates for the renewable energy they generate.

The supplier requested Ofgem work on a bulk application process to bring small-scale domestic PV generators onto the REGO scheme, with the pilot project to certify domestic green energy beginning 18 months ago.

As a result, Social Energy will now be able to use official mechanisms to demonstrate that customers can generate, utilise and share green energy. While households with solar PV have been able to claim REGOs under the scheme, Ofgem’s deputy director of delivery & schemes, Gareth John, said the regulator “recognises such smaller generators were either unaware of the scheme or didn’t wish to participate in it”.

Having worked with Ofgem, Social Energy has succeeded in generating 5,274 REGO certificates from its 6,600 GB virtual power plant (VPP) members to date.

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