Details of the requirements for suppliers, as well as the information generators will be required to provide to receive Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payments, have been revealed in draft guidance published by Ofgem.

The regulator is consulting on its guidance, outlining the requirements for suppliers who are mandated to offer an export tariff and those voluntarily offering one to be compliant with the licensing conditions.

Suppliers must take “all reasonable steps” to ensure information given to generators – that is, those with a solar, wind or hydro asset under 5MW – is accurate, capable of being easily understood, is not misleading and is fair, transparent, appropriate and delivered in “a professional manner”.

Written confirmation must also be provided to generators with details of the export tariff, as soon as reasonably practicable.

Suppliers must communicate the risks to a generator of failing to adhere to any terms of its contract, for example failing to provide the required data in a timely fashion, and as regards suspension or recoupment of SEG payments.

Suppliers must also outline the generator’s obligations for providing information, declarations and evidence to the supplier and authority as well as any consents required and a term requiring the generator to inform the supplier as soon as reasonable possible if there is a change of ownership or any extensions to an installation.

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