“No comprehensive strategy for Scotland” has led the Climate Change Committee (CCC) to withdraw its previously made assertion that the country will meet its climate goals to reduce emissions 75% by 2030.

The goal was set out in the most recent Climate Change Plan update in 2020 (2020 CCPu).

Today’s (20 March) announcement follows the Scottish government delaying its daft Climate Change Plan (CCP) for 2030 last year, which the CCC said “left a significant period without sufficient actions or policies to reach the target”, making the speed required in emission reduction to meet the country’s targets “beyond what is credible.”

CCP is a statutory document required by the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 to include “proposals and policies regarding the respective contributions towards meeting the climate goals and emissions reduction targets that should be made by each of the sectors mentioned in subsection [these include energy supply and transport]”.

Climate Goals

“Scotland has laudable ambitions to decarbonise, but it isn’t enough to set a target; the Government must act. There are risks in all reviewed areas, including those with significant policy powers devolved to the Scottish Government,” said Professor Piers Forster, interim Chair of the CCC.

“Scotland’s Climate Change Plan needs to be published urgently, so we can assess it. We need to see actions that will deliver on its future climate goals.”

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