(REPOST: Renault Retail)

Renault Retail Group helped Santa spread some Christmas cheer across the UK this December by supplying him with his first 100% electric sleigh to deliver gifts to local people on his ‘nice list’.

Santa and his elves visited London, Cardiff, Cannock and Manchester during their four-day test drive in their new Renault ZOE electric sleigh. Local social media users directed their route by messaging them on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #SantaGoesElectric to request a visit and free gift.


The project came about when the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team at Santa’s North Pole HQ were shocked to learn that Santa’s 122-million-mile Christmas Eve trip around the world generates approximately 40,600 tonnes of greenhouse gases due to the methane output of his nine reindeer* – that’s why Santa decided to test drive a new Renault ZOE sleigh this year.

Of course, Santa is no ordinary driver – he needed to put the Renault ZOE sleigh through its paces, doing what sleighs do best – delivering presents!

A test drive around four UK cities from 4th to 7th December was planned to help Santa calculate how far the Renault ZOE sleigh could travel and how many presents could be delivered on one charge helping Santa avoid ‘range anxiety’ this Christmas Eve.

Traditionally, this UK trip would generate 60kg of CO2 equivalent (mainly methane) from nine reindeer working hard for four days**. Nine hardworking reindeer will need to consume about 7,328 calories per mile*** – that is 179 carrots per mile (or MPC) which at 6p per carrot**** costs £10.72 per mile.

Santa was thrilled to learn that his new Renault ZOE sleigh costs as little as 2p per mile and releases no CO2 at all.

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