The latest polling from the Public Attitudes Tracker showed that 88% of people support the use a renewable energy in the UK, including solar, beating last year’s previous high of 84%, whilst only 2% of the public oppose it.

Conducted this autumn, the survey was published this Thursday (15 December) by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Second install for Mr HA

Second install for Mr HA

74% of the public also agreed that renewable energy benefits the UK economically.

Multiple organisations have recently highlighted the economic benefits of solar. Earlier this week the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit announced that solar is a gateway to 19 years of free electricity.

These cost benefits can be increased by combining solar energy with a battery energy storage system which, Solar Energy UK said, could save UK households £40,000 over their lifetime. A new report by Cornwall Insight and national law firm Weightmans concurred with Solar Energy’s findings stating that co-locating energy assets could provide “significant cost savings”.

The increasing level of public support for renewables coincides with continued concerns around climate change; 83% of people in the UK are worried about climate change, whilst the number of people “very concerned” has risen by 6% to 45%.

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