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Members of the public continue to downplay the benefits of installing a solar system on their homes due to the perceived costs of doing so, despite the rapid fall in prices experienced in recent years.

This was one of the findings of research conducted by YES Energy Solutions, which surveyed over 600 people on why they do not currently have solar panels at home.

Over half of respondents (55.1%) claimed cost is the main reason they would not consider the technology, despite the huge fall in the prices for domestic systems.

Duncan McCombie, chief executive of YES Energy Solutions, explained: “Over recent years the price of having solar PV panels installed in your home has fallen dramatically. For us, this is a great development in the industry as providing your home with clean, environmentally friendly energy is now much more cost-effective and within the reach of many more householders.”

The survey also highlighted aesthetics to be a key reason for a lack of solar panel use, while 7% questioned the effectiveness of the technology itself, highlighting the need for greater education.

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