Last week we were excited to announce the launch of our new PowerBanx SX home battery system. We now have some clarity on what the systems will cost, though the pricing here is subject to final confirmation.


A PowerBanx SX system with two batteries (both types look the same) – wiring not shown

The technical details of the system were covered in the previous post:

New Product Announcement: PowerBanx SX Home Battery System

The prices for November 2018 are as follows:

  • PowerBanx SX 45-1 (4.5 kWh): £3277
  • PowerBanx SX 45-2 (9.0 kWh): £5027
  • PowerBanx SX 63-1 (6.3 kWh): £4152
  • PowerBanx SX 63-2 (12.6 kWh): £6809
  • Additional PowerBanx B45 battery (4.5 kWh): £1750
  • Additional PowerBanx B63 battery (6.3 kWh): £2625

The following are included in these prices:

  1. Standard installation, including isolators, and power and sensor wiring
  2. 20% VAT (these systems are also available with a new solar install at 5% VAT)
  3. DNO fast track application and post-installation registration for a system with G100 export limiting
  4. 5 year warranty on inverter and 10 year warranty on batteries

The following extras are available:

  • WiFi dongle for Internet monitoring: £45
  • G100 compatible meter for export limiting: £45
  • DNO G59 application for a system without export limiting: £100
  • Inverter warranty extension to 10 years (TBC): £140
  • Emergency Power System (EPS) changeover switch to allow backup in a power cut: £390

For a formal quote and confirmation of prices (with or without solar) please complete our quotation form: