New research from Halifax reveals that investing in solar panels leads to possible cost and energy savings for landlords and other homeowners.

According to the survey of 2,000 owners, rising energy bills are now their number one concern, with 49% citing this as a key challenge – and the strongest trigger for making energy improvements to their properties (39%).

Over half (56%) say they have recently adapted their home, through measures such as adding insulation, double glazing or solar panels.

Investing in Solar Panels

Those investing in solar panels report strong benefits, with 89% of those who have them being glad they’d installed them, a similar proportion saying they would recommend them to their friends and family (83%), and over four in five (84%) saying they’d seen a reduction in their energy bills.

Further, over half (51%) have seen an improvement in their home’s energy efficiency through an updated EPC with an improved rating.

Savings of around £400-500 per year could be made on energy bills by transitioning to solar power, according to Energy Saving Trust estimates.

Those investing in solar panels can also financially benefit from excess energy, receiving payments or giving energy back to the grid under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Andrew Asaam – Homes Director at Halifax – says: “With concern around the cost of energy bills and the climate crisis intensifying, more of us are looking for ways to bring down our energy usage.

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