Westminster City Council has opened the doors to a retrofitted show home, a one-bedroom terraced flat in Queen’s Park, to encourage residents to make their home more energy efficient.

Improvements made to the show home include:

Internal wall and underfloor insulation
Thermally efficient windows and doors
Replacing the gas boiler with an energy-efficient air source heat pump
Changing the gas cooker to an electric hob, eliminating gas use at the property
Powering the home by solar panels on the roof with battery storage.
Improved insulation, windows, and doors have reduced the home’s use of heating by over half and combined with the air source heat pump, solar panels, and battery storage, are expected to virtually eliminate the need for electricity from the grid. These measures have increased the home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from D to B.

It is expected that these measures will reduce the home’s energy bills and will help achieve the council’s goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions, saving 2.5 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. This is the equivalent of a return flight from London to Miami. Currently, all residential buildings are responsible for 15% of Westminster’s carbon emissions.

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