Establishing a level playing field for low carbon technologies must be a priority for government if the power sector is to realise the full benefits of the energy transition, Energy UK has said.

The trade association this week published its Future of Energy report, a series of forward-looking studies of numerous elements of the energy sector and how they are changing amidst widespread decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation.

The report narrows in on a number of key recommendations Energy UK says are necessary to “kickstart the action needed” and has placed the need for equal opportunities for low carbon technologies high on its list.

It’s Energy UK’s view that the policy framework must include support mechanisms to drive investment in low carbon generation, a technology neutral capacity market, a wholesale market supported by an effective carbon price and flexible markets which are “open and liquid”.

These instruments, when working side by side, would properly incentivise low carbon investments and bring forward significantly higher amounts of low carbon generation without the need for subsidies, the trade association said.

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