New research from the University of Sussex has highlighted how increased government support is needed to make solar viable for a range of consumers.

Particularly, increased support is needed to make solar viable for elderly homeowners, student renters and the disabled, the research said, suggesting policy initiatives such as tax incentives and grants to help lower the cost of installing solar into neigbourhoods with high deprivation.

The academics involved in the research also recommended broadening out recent interest-free loan systems for electric vehicles (EVs) to incorporate the installation of solar PV.

Additionally, expansion of shared-ownership business models, including cooperatives or council-led schemes offering solar deployment and maintenance to homes that cannot pay, would help students, renters and non-homeowners, the academics found.

Benjamin K Sovacool, professor of energy policy in the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex Business School, said the research found that solar energy adoption can exacerbate inequalities in a variety of ways, including its availability to different groups of people.

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