The system for behind-the-meter device-to-device transactions is due out in a year.

Wisconsin-based storage developer EnSync Energy Systems is working on a system that could allow your residential battery to sell energy to your neighbor’s electric vehicle.

The device-to-device transaction system is designed to operate behind the meter, using DC links, and could be up and running within a year, according to Jim Koeppe, product manager for EnSync’s distributed energy resources Flex Internet of Energy platform.

The first iteration of the system, called DER Flex, will monitor exchanges on DC meters and send the data to a cloud computing center where payments will be calculated and settled.

However, said Koeppe: “As we move forward, we intend to not only use a centralized model in the cloud, but to push that down to the device level, where, then, units can be aware and potentially transact with other units.”

The platform would enable energy devices to communicate privately with each other and carry out transactions at pre-established prices, he said.

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