Yesterday’s Budget brought in a raft of changes for drivers including higher VED car tax for diesel drivers.

Under the revised car tax rules, announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond, diesel motorists will pay one band higher than they currently do – which could cost up to £500 more.

Thankfully for motorists, however, fuel duty was frozen until April 2018 when a decision to alter it may be made.

Among the other changes were a major investment in getting driverless cars on the roads by 2021 and also a greater amount of funding to encourage the uptake of electric cars.

In total the Government has allocated around £500 million in spending to achieve this goal.

Of this, £100 million will be allocated to encourage drivers to switch and buy an EV by guaranteeing the continuation of the Plug-In Car Grant to 2020 to help with the cost of purchasing a new battery electric vehicle.

Currently under the Plug-In Grant, drivers can receive a £4,500 contribution towards a new all-electric car and £2,500 towards a plug-in hybrid.

The other £400 million in the Budget will be allocated to a roll-out of charging infrastructure across the UK.

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