Electric car, home solar installation and an energy storage system that all complement each other.

Fully Charged’s Robert Llewellyn, a well known electric cars enthusiast, from the beginning was also very interested in the electrification of homes, which means own electricity generation using solar and storing the energy using batteries.

In one of the latest episodes, Robert presents his own example of home installation, which now consists of 5.5 kW solar and two Tesla Power 2 energy storage units (the second one is the red Founders Series, received through the referral code scheme).

Such a combination seems to be a nice setup to produce own electricity for home and an electric car, as well as export some additional electricity to the grid and prevent power cuts. To have it all work, Robert, however, was required to upgrade his single-phase connection to a three-phase, which was more a regulatory requirement than an actual practical need.

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