The European Commission today proposed a temporary emergency regulation to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in the face of the energy crisis and the knock-on effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Scheduled to last for one year, the proposal will remove administrative red tape around permitting and deployment, allowing renewable energy sources to be fast-tracked into operation. It highlights “specific technologies and types of projects which have the highest potential for quick deployment and the least impact on the environment”.

Solar PV deployed on artificial structures – buildings, car parks, transport infrastructure, sheds – and co-located storage systems and grid connections will have a maximum deadline of one month for permitting under the proposal.

One our our 16 panel installs – two rows of eight panels (Image: Tanjent)

Citing the idea of “positive administrative silence”, the measures will also exempt these types of installations, as well solar farms below 50kW capacity, from certain environmental assessments.

Solar, heat pumps and clean energy plants are to be considered of ‘overriding public interest’ as part of the measures, which will see them benefit from reduced assessment and regulation where they have met “appropriate mitigation measures and carried out proper monitoring to assess their effectiveness”.

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