An advantage of buying solar panels is that you will purchase less power from the grid, giving you lower tariffs, a huge plus when electricity prices are high.

As wholesale gas and electricity costs remain at historic highs for millions of Britons, the boss of a solar energy company firm has told that installing panels can slash your bill in half and even help keep the power running during a blackout. Households with typical energy usage currently have their energy bills capped at £2,500 under the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee, which is more than double the levels seen before the war in Ukraine sent costs soaring.

Second install for Mr HA

Second install for Mr HA

The price cap is also set to hit £3,000 in April, a measure Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced in the Autumn budget as he warned that energy bill support “can’t last forever”. Charities have warned that millions more people could get pushed into fuel poverty due to this.

But according to Andreas Thorsheim, CEO and founder of Otovo, installing solar panels can help households slash their electricity bills in half even when prices are soaring.

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