November has arrived and today was the first day I had to put on my driving gloves. Brrr!

During winter all drivers have a bit more to consider when starting a journey, icy roads, darker evenings, poor visibility, de-icing, tyre pressure, and for those that drive electric, range.


There is no way to avoid this and your car isn’t broken. Petrol and Diesel cars also experience reduced fuel economy in the colder months, but it is less noticable as the drop is lower at about 12 percent compared to an electric car which in similar conditions would be see about a 31 percent drop.

In most cases it is easy to adapt driving style and my experience is that traffic tends to be a little slower in winter anyway, this will help. You should also be sure to revisit any planned routes for charging up if you are making longer journeys, something that worked for you in the summer months may need to be reconsidered or adapted. 

Whilst considering range in winter I was reminded of a useful tool I found on the Renault website which helps estimate range based on varying factors. Overall adapting your driving style to be more economical will always help increase your predicted range. 


Worth a look if you haven’t already seen it: Estimate your driving range