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Electric and plug-in hybrid car sales have now soared past three million units across the globe.

Car manufacturers are preparing to increase their production volumes for zero and low-emissions vehicles in a push to reduce air pollution. 

Battery-powered vehicles will become integral to a lot of car makers future strategies.

Among others, VW wants to become a global leader in electric car production and Volvo will add electrified vehicles to each of its models by 2019.

Toyota also wants to introduce 10 new electric car models within the next three years globally.

These are just a number of the commitments by carmakers to integrate EVs into its global market strategy.

The three million sales figure was said to be hit in November this year and it has now been suggested that annual EV sales is sitting around one million units.

EV-Volumes has suggested that the total electric cars sales could, however, total five million units by the end of 2018, reports the Guardian.

A number of factors have led to, and will continue to lead to, the adoption of electric cars.

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