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Electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. Registrations of new alternatively fuelled cars which includes hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and fuel cell EVs rose by 23.9 per cent in January 2018, compared to the same month in 2017.

Market share for AFVs in 2018 currently sits at 5.5 per cent, which has increased by 1.3 per cent since 2016.

Now, latest statistics from a European-wide EV survey reveals that attitudes towards EVs are changing for the better.

NewMotion’s research revealed that 30 per cent of respondents claim they save over €900 (£800) a year by driving electric.

The survey revealed that battery electric cars were the most popular choice for drivers with 62 per cent of respondents opting for one, while 30 per cent choose a plug-in hybrid.

Of those surveyed 31 per cent don’t own a car outside of their EV and a third (28 per cent) drive it 70 per cent of the time or more.

Reasons for drivers opting to go for a zero emissions car included environmental factors and the way that EV cars drive compared to a combustion vehicle.

Respondents to the survey claimed that investments in charging infrastructure at the workplace is necessary with only 10 per cent charging their EV at work compared to 65 per cent at home and 27 per cent in public places.

In 2017, Britain installed 2,833 public EV charging points, while the November budget saw the chancellor commit to making £400 million available to help the implementation of a national charging network.

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