There are “early signs” of domestic renewable energy installations recovering, according to the MCS.

As restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 are lifted by the government, there are signs that the UK’s domestic renewable energy installation market may be recovering, MCS chief executive Ian Rippin said.

The MCS has been working with its stakeholder community to monitor the state of the market during the lockdown, finding in April that 90% of installers were being negatively impacted by COVID-19. Issues such as the supply of panels being slow, customer caution over onsite visits and postponements of jobs were cited as some of the impacts being felt by respondents to the MCS’ survey.

The average number of commissioned installations under the MCS scheme in the month fell 77.5% compared with February.

However, the average number of installations in May rose by 37% compared to April, with installers now reporting that following easing of lockdown restrictions they are starting to build pipelines back up and start work again.

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