A couple who slept on their roof for 23 days to raise money for solar panels for homes on their street say they are now extending their project.

Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell raised £113,000 last year after they braced rain, hail and snow by sleeping on the roof of their home in Lymouth Road, Walthamstow.

Temperatures reached below zero most nights.

Fifteen houses on the street have panels installed, the aim is for 35.

It is part of their plan to help inspire others to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Tanjent Energy Prices for Solar Panels

One our our 16 panel installs – two rows of eight panels (Image: Tanjent)

Rabia Mir, who lives a few doors down from the couple, said the panels had reduced her energy bills “significantly”.

“I’d say at least a few hundred pounds, if not more,” she said.

They were installed last July, which happened to have been the “hottest day, on the sunniest day of the year”.

“We spoke to the energy company and they said the energy that we’d been using for the few days that they’d been installed was entirely on the solar panels so we hadn’t used any of our own energy that we normally would on the grid.”

Now the couple have set their sights on the rest of the street.

It is a project with a lot of support; many homes on the street have posters in their front windows with the words “Power Station”.

Another impact of the project: bringing the community together.

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