The closure of the export tariff to new solar installations as proposed by government would be tantamount to theft, according to Genius Roofing Solutions which is exhibiting its flashing solution for fitting solar PV at this year’s Solar & Storage Live.

Speaking ahead of next month’s event, David White said that England and Wales was already offering less business than previous years owing to diminished tariff regimes. By contrast, sales in Ireland and Scotland are continually increasing due in part to planning rules requiring some form on on-site generation to be included in new build housing developments.

White added that in Ireland in particular, business could double under the recently launched pilot micro-generation grant scheme, which could provide a considerable boost to the retrofit market.

However, he went on to claim that government decisions have meant that the rest of the UK is being left behind.

“I think solar is part of the future and unfortunately we need our government to pull their finger out, stop just focusing on Brexit and worry about other things as well. Scotland has a policy, Ireland has a policy and we don’t, yet we’re supposedly the leaders,” he said.

“It’s merely down to the government to come up with sensible funding or incentives. To take the export tariff away is almost theft, there’s just no justification for taking that away.”

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