The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has called for low carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure to be at the heart of the government’s approach to rebuilding the UK after COVID-19.

In an open letter sent to Prime Minister Boris Johnson today, the CCC outlined five measures that should be taken as the country moves on from the current pandemic lockdown.

The recovery must not ‘lock-in’ greenhouse gas emissions or increase climate risk, the letter states, meaning that support for carbon-intensive sectors such as the oil and gas industry should be contingent on them “taking real and lasting action on climate change”.

Additionally, the recovery should include the strengthening of incentives to reduce emissions when considering fiscal changes. As such, changes in tax policy should be used to aid the transition to net-zero emissions and future carbon pricing mechanisms should be supported.

Beyond this, the recovery process should seek to be embed fairness and tackle inequality, and lead a shift towards positive long-term behaviours.

Along with investments in low-carbon infrastructure, reskilling, retraining and research for a net zero, well-adapted economy and upgrades to homes, the CCC also calls for making it easier for people to walk, cycle and work from home and efforts to restore green spaces including tree planting.

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