Solar PV Panels could save you hundreds on your energy bill every year, but also might cost thousands to install. We explain what you need to think about when working out whether they’ll save you money, how much they’ll cost and whether they’ll help your house sell or not.

From hot showers to making a cup of morning breakfast tea, energy bills seem to just be something that comes with modern-day living, no matter what time of year it is.

Rooftop Solar PV Panels Power Generation

However, it seems to be something that people are struggling with. Citizens Advice has reported that the number of people facing court action due to not being able to pay energy bills doubled in 2023.

To help, we have covered ways to decrease your energy bills before and even recommended some of the cheapest energy suppliers in 2024. But there’s one way to save on electricity bills that can easily be overlooked, yet it could save you hundreds of pounds every year.

Here, we discuss the ins and outs of buying solar pv panels for your home, including:

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