More than 1.5 million MCS-certified solar PV installations have now been installed across the UK since records began in 2008.

MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) is the UK’s quality mark for small-scale renewable energy, certifying renewable energy systems to heat and power homes and small businesses. MCS registrations cover solar installations with a maximum DC output of 50 kilowatts, beyond which is considered commercial scale. A typical household rooftop system’s capacity is 3-4kW.

MCS-Certified Solar PV Installations - Tanjent Energy

Assuming that current installation rates continue, a total of two million installations may be expected to be reached in around three years.

Chris Hewett, chief executive of Solar Energy UK:

“Congratulations to MCS for reaching this important milestone. The fact that 500,000 of these installations have been carried out since the end of subsidies in 2019, shows that consumer demand for clean energy is stronger than ever. Solar Energy UK is proud to work alongside the organisation to drive the industry forward and maintain high standards.”

MCS chief executive Ian Rippin:

“We’re incredibly proud that the UK has reached 1.5 million MCS certified solar PV installations. This milestone mirrors the growing demand amongst homeowners to generate home-grown electricity – reducing energy bills, claiming energy independence, and decreasing their carbon footprint.”

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