The amount of solar power plugged into the electric grid has surged over the past few years. According to a 2022 survey by the Pew Research Center, 8% of American homeowners are already aboard the solar panel train, and an additional 39% said they had seriously considered transitioning to the benefits of solar panels. These results came in before the long-term extension of a 30% federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) for new solar homeowners.

Rising Energy Bills - Benefits of Solar Panels

One our our 16 panel installs – two rows of eight panels (Image: Tanjent)

The benefits of solar panels offer a holistic clean energy solution beyond powering homes, from reducing carbon footprints and fostering biodiversity to substantial savings on utility bills to potential profits through net metering. Discover why embracing solar energy is a responsible environmental choice and a savvy financial investment that can make your household energy-independent.

Key takeaways:

Solar panels decrease your greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollutants and even preserve biodiversity.

Financially, solar panels can save you money on utility bills, increase the value of your home and potentially make you money with net metering.

Federal, state and local incentives make solar panels more affordable for the average homeowner.

Solar panels benefit the community by providing jobs and generating energy.

Environmental benefits of solar panels

Solar panels are a transformative force reshaping the U.S. energy landscape for more sustainable living. Learn more about the environmental merits of solar panels and their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating air pollution, alleviating water usage, preserving biodiversity and promoting energy independence.

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