Power Cut Backup Options with Battery Storage

Many of us recently experienced a major national power cut, one that would have been worse had it not been for grid battery storage. In the same way, a battery is a good option to help get us through power cuts in the home and keeping the lights on. Watching the clock in

Preparing for a Power Cut

When recently I was notified of an upcoming planned power cut I decided to look into the best ways to get prepared. Until recent years it was uncommon to experience power cuts of any significant duration in Western countries, but that situation is starting to change. A big driver, of course, is climate change

My Experience of a Sustained Power Cut

Earlier this week our home had a long power cut and I recorded my experience in a video, included below. The first we knew it was going to happen was when we received a letter a few weeks ago from our local grid network company, Western Power. The title was "We need to temporarily

The PowerBanx X35 Home Battery Storage System has Launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new PowerBanx X35 home battery storage system, now available to order. It builds on the success of our PowerBanx X series, combining its ease of use and value for money with a much greater maximum capacity and lower cost per kWh. The X35 uses the

Home Battery System Prices Set to Rise

The last few years have been good for systems based around Lithium-Ion batteries, particularly electric cars and home battery systems like the PowerBanx, with prices falling consistently year-on-year as demand and supply have risen. However, it looks like that is about to change, at least in the UK.

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