We are pleased to announce the launch of our new PowerBanx X35 home battery storage system, now available to order. It builds on the success of our PowerBanx X series, combining its ease of use and value for money with a much greater maximum capacity and lower cost per kWh.

The X35 uses the same battery inverter and connections as the X but incorporates higher capacity Pylontech batteries. Each US3000 battery in the PowerBanx X35 now has a total capacity of 3.55 kWh compared to the 2.4 kWh of the US2000 batteries in the PowerBanx X, with a usable capacity of 2.84 kWh rather than 1.92 kWh (at 80% depth of discharge). From here on I’ll refer to the PowerBanx X series as the X24 to be consistent with naming by battery capacity.

Comparison of 3.55 kWh battery, left, and 2.4 kWh battery, right (Images: Pylontech)

Comparison of 3.55 kWh battery, left, and 2.4 kWh battery, right (Images: Pylontech)

The common battery inverter can control up to 8 batteries, so the maximum total capacity of the X35 is now 28.4 kWh compared to the 19.2 kWh limit of the X24.

While we expect most future sales of the PowerBanx to be the X35 series we will continue to offer the X24, subject to stock availability. The X24 retains some advantages resulting from its smaller capacity, including a lower initial price point, a lower weight per battery, and a slightly shallower depth (allowing for mounting in a slimmer enclosure).

Prices of the PowerBanx X35 series are given below, including full installation by an MCS/NICEIC registered electrician, DNO registration after install, and 20% VAT:

Total Capacity [kWh] Price [£]
PowerBanx X35-1 (wall bracket) 3.55 2,999
PowerBanx X35-2 (enclosure) 7.10 4,499
PowerBanx X35-3 (enclosure) 10.65 5,999
PowerBanx X35-4 (enclosure) 14.20 7,499
PowerBanx X35-5 (enclosure) 17.75 8,999
PowerBanx X35-6 (enclosure) 21.30 10,499
PowerBanx X35-7 (enclosure) 24.85 11,999
PowerBanx X35-8 (enclosure) 28.40 13,499