A survey by electric vehicle (EV) charging company Hive shows that British people increasingly want to install clean technology like solar panels, EV charge points and insulation to make their homes more sustainable.

39% of respondents say they would like to install a home EV charger, although only 4.5% of people in the UK own an electric car.

The survey found that top selling points for homes in the UK were related to clean tech and decarbonisation, with 68% of people saying they wanted a house with solar panels and 67% saying they wanted one with good roof insulation. These were considered important by more people than those who wanted natural lighting (53%), wooden flooring (22%) and reclaimed woodwork (21%).

Smart home technology such as a smart heating system (62%) and a smart energy meter (48%) were also important considerations for respondents. 55% of respondents agreed that we should make homes more sustainable, while 47% have already made changes to their current home to make it greener.

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Of those who had made changes, 37% said they had installed a smart meter, 34% had installed energy efficient lighting, and 33% had upgraded their roof insulation. However, according to the National Audit Office, 57% of households now have a smart meter, and the government is falling behind on its planned rollout of the devices.

Almost a third of respondents (32%) said they would be willing to pay an extra £11,730 for a home that was eco-friendly, while over two thirds (69%) would be willing to invest in their current home to make it more sustainable.

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It’s Time to Go Green!

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