With almost all of the major car manufacturers (and Harley Davidson) announcing that they are investing in new EV development, the future of transportation has officially been claimed by electric vehicles.

The real questions now are when the transition from combustion vehicles will be complete and why this is spectacular news for the consumer and the world as a whole. These are some of the benefits of the major manufacturers joining the electric revolution.


Battery technology will finally start to advance

With the powerhouses of automotive R&D moving to electric, the first major developments will have to be in battery technology. Electric motors are already very efficient and the rest of the components used in electric cars are essentially the same as the combustion engined vehicles rolling around our roads in the present day. The race to develop lighter, faster charging, cheaper and more energy dense battery cells will be what will ultimately sell vehicles and be the best way to get an advantage over other manufacturers. This technology will revolutionise almost everything we use on a daily basis with smartphones and laptops that can last weeks between charges rather than the hours or maybe days they currently achieve.


Home energy storage that will allow buildings to stay off the grid for long enough to make power cuts a thing of the past without spending the huge sums of money required today. 

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