According to official figures, the average electricity bill in the UK was around £764 per year for 2021—but it will be significantly higher in 2022. In fact, the energy price cap rose from 1 April 2022—so we’re now officially impacted by the higher cap—which means that households on default tariffs paying by direct debit will see an increase from £1,277 to £1,971 per year for both gas and electric (an increase of around £693 or 54%). These figures translate into unit costs of £0.28 per kWh for electricity and £0.07 per kWh for gas for 2022.

This article will explain what we know about current unit costs for electricity in the rapidly changing market. We’ll also discuss historical electricity cost data so you can see just how much prices have risen, as well as see differences by region, household consumption and depending on how you pay: credit, direct debit or prepayment.


In the current market, if you’re on a default rate which is set by the government’s energy price cap then you theoretically may find better value tariffs. If you’re thinking of switching read our Energy Switching Guide and click below to sign up to an alert to keep up to date on market changes. This can help you to ensure you’re paying as little as possible. But be aware that energy comparison providers across the board have paused their energy comparison so all you can do now is sign up to get an alert when deals are back (as you can do by signing up to our newsletter below).

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