One in three UK-based businesses have installed onsite battery storage facilities at one or more of their sites, a new survey of 1,000 utility managers has revealed.

The survey, conducted by electricity supplier Haven Power, also found that a further third (37%) of energy managers would be keen to explore using battery storage technology to bolster their energy security in the coming months.


While survey respondents were sourced from across the UK, Haven Power found that London-based businesses were the most likely to be investing in sustainable and flexible energy technologies. Of London-based respondents, around three-quarters (75%) said they understood how to sell excess energy generated from onsite renewable arrays back to the grid, for example, compared to 11% of those in Wales.

“It’s positive to see that businesses are very open to implementing sustainable changes, especially if they’re not already doing so,” Haven Power’s chief operating officer Paul Sheffield said.

“It’s clear that even small switches to renewable energy could help the nation achieve the Government’s emissions targets, therefore it’s imperative that businesses of all sizes work towards this shared goal.”

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