In a bid to encourage motorists to move to more modern cleaner engines many car manufacturers have developed various scrappage schemes.


With pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles becoming ever more popular, it is no real surprise that the cost of these modern electric fuelled vehicles can still be fairly expensive, but with the help of scrappage schemes and the governments plug-in grants, ownership may not be as costly as you initially thought; especially once you take into consideration the overall running costs of the car.

Below is a cost summary of some of the scrappage schemes on offer with the most popular pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the market.

Those with a keen eye will spot that Renault does not appear in the list. Renault do not currently offer a scrappage scheme against their popular Renault ZOE pure electric car, they do however offer a dealer contribution so there are still some good savings to be had in addition to the government grant.  

Details of the schemes are subject to change, please check with the manufacturers for their full terms & conditions.  Scrappage-Scheme_Summary-Table_JopegramMills.jpg