Shifting to solar could help homeowners save a wedge on energy bills, and by adding a storage battery they’ll be able to benefit from renewables even when it’s cloudy

With prices endlessly spiraling upwards and the majority of the UK’s energy still produced by burning fossil fuels, solar panels offer homeowners the chance to wriggle out of the grip of the big six energy firms and go it alone.


Given the UK’s variable weather, it’s unlikely that solar panels will generate enough energy to completely power a home, but they could make a significant dent in energy bills. And with the government paying households for generating energy in the first place, and the added option of selling excess energy back to the National Grid, having a solar panel and storage battery could add up to significant savings over a number of years.

Here is a selection of the best solar panel and storage batteries out there to get started on the road towards solar self-sufficiency.

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