Why battery storage is becoming essential for backup in emergencies

We have recently seen the Dandenong and Yarra Ranges lashed by severe storms that have caused widespread damage and taken out major network and NBN infrastructure. Phone coverage is limited, and electricity was cut in large areas that extended into Emerald, Montrose, Belgrave and Croydon.

It was the latest sign of Mother Nature flexing her muscles, something we will see more of if climate change caused by our emissions is not addressed.

Further south in Tasmania, these kinds of storms are almost a way of life for some residents. One local, who has lived in both cyclone-prone North Queensland and storm-ravaged Tasmania, took to social media to express their frustration this week.

“Since moving to Tassie I have dealt with devastating cyclonic storm cells every year (no power, and whatever else) but no one seems to care. These are storms that would be considered cyclones in the north, but happen regularly in the south,” they posted.

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