PowerBanx™ Home Battery


The PowerBanx™ Home Battery from Fuel Included (trading as Tanjent) is filled by free solar or half-price Economy 7 electricity and powers your home so you don’t have to pay for full price electricity again. It operates automatically and is invisible in operation to the householder and family. It can keep the lights on (and gas central heating operating) in a power cut.

PowerBanx is perhaps the most sophisticated residential energy storage system currently available in the UK. It is based on battery components already installed in more than 5000 homes worldwide. It is straightforward and easy to use – you can configure it how you want, or just ‘set it and forget it’ and have it reduce your electricity bill automatically.


This is what you get when you buy a PowerBanx Home Battery from Fuel Included:

  1. Store your free solar electricity during the day while you’re out so you can run your home on free electricity when you get in
  2. Continue to get your government Feed in Tariff (FIT) and export tariff, even though you use all the electricity yourself
  3. Use Economy 7 (half price) electricity to top up the battery when there’s a shortage of solar, e.g. in the winter
  4. Have an emergency backup electricity supply available during a power cut, at no extra cost, to charge your phones, power your WiFi router and fridge, etc. (via an extension lead)
  5. Optionally have your home automatically switch over to battery power for hardwired circuits including central heating, oven, freezers, etc.
  6. Fully modular – start with one battery (2.4 kWh), upgrade to as many as eight batteries (19.2 kWh) as and when you want
  7. Installation included in the price
  8. 10 year warranty on batteries, 5 years on inverter (can be extended to 10, 15 or 20 years), and 1 year on installation
  9. SolarMAN App on your phone, and online real-time monitoring of your system via the SolarMAN website
  10. Advice and help from Fuel Included, including telephone and email support
  11. Optional modelling of your home circumstances (including solar generation and electricity consumption) to give expected cost savings, payback, and optimised system settings

Physical Arrangements

A PowerBanx can consist of between 1 and 8 batteries, and can be upgraded at any time. There are three main arrangements for the batteries:

1. One or two batteries can be clipped together and stood vertically – here a one battery PowerBanx is shown in a garage:


2. One to four batteries can be clipped together and stacked horizontally – here a two battery PowerBanx is shown in a loft:


3. One to 8 batteries can be fixed horizontally inside an enclosure – here a four battery PowerBanx is shown in a cupboard (that particular enclosure can take 6 batteries):


A 3kW inverter, included in the cost, is installed close to the batteries and connected to the home’s main consumer unit (to pass power and to monitor grid consumption and solar generation).

Get The Right PowerBanx For Your Home

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