Automotive giant Volkswagen has announced it is to launch a power supply division in a bid to take e-mobility into the “mainstream”.

Volkswagen has established a new consumer-facing brand, Elli – short for ‘Electric Life’ – to develop a range of products and services that are connected with consumer energy demand and electric vehicle charging.

Berlin-headquarted Elli is to offer customers CO2-neutral power from renewable sources and is to build a portfolio of intelligent power tariffs, domestic EV charging solutions dubbed ‘Wallboxes’ and a smart energy management system that underpins the consumer offering.

Elli is to be headed up by Thorsten Nicklaß, the former chief executive of VW’s digital energy solutions joint venture, who said it was the company’s goal to “take e-mobility out of its niche and to place it firmly in the mainstream”.

Image of woman holding electricity cable above head
“We will be creating a seamless, sustainable ecosystem that addresses the main applications and provides answers to all the energy questions raised by electric car users and fleet operators,” he said.

Tariff details are to be announced in the near future, however Volkswagen did confirm its supply will be certified by TÜV and derived from its Volkswagen Naturstrom product, which sources its power from hydropower facilities in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

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