Recently I shared a time-lapse video of a solar system being installed in this blog.

Alongside the solar, we also installed a Victron Quattro / BYD battery system with some serious firepower and the capability to go fully off grid if required. While on site, I took the attached video, highlighting and explaining all the major components.

The significant parts of the system were as follows:

Battery System

The backbone of the system is 20 kWh of BYD batteries in two cabinets.


Two Cabinets each holding 10 kWh of BYD Battery Storage

Each cabinet has a built in Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure both long life and safety.

The battery charging is controlled by a Victron Quattro 8000 capable of delivering 7kVA continuously from the batteries; enough to drive the whole household if required.


 The Victron Quattro 8000 Controller/Charger

Solar System

On the roof are 14 LG NeoN 365 W panels; some of the highest performing panels anywhere. This gives an array of 5.1 kWp on a nearly south facing roof.


14 LG NeoN 365W Solar Panels

As this site has some horizon shading issues, we also fitted Tigo TS4-R-O optimisers such that any individually shaded panel will not pull down the performance of the whole system.

An oversized Fronius Primo 6 kW solar inverter was chosen as the owner has some garage roof space earmarked for additional solar in the future. This is closely paired with the Victron battery system and, if the grid goes down, allows its output to be controlled by the Victron to match it to house consumption (most solar inverters just shut down in the event of a power cut as they do not have this capability).


Fronius Primo 6.0 Solar Inverter

Installation Method

We installed the Victron as a series install. This means that all the house power comes through the Victron and, as a result, full islanding is possible in the event of a power cut i.e. solar and battery keep running and the Victron takes over the task of managing the mains frequency at 50 Hz.

This certainly added considerable complexity to the installation, but the owner felt it really important that the whole house could keep operating in the event of a powercut.

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