PowerMarket have released the results of a study that indicates that if the UK used 5% of available UK commercial rooftop space for solar, it could lead to an estimated £12.6 billion per year in energy cost savings.

Detailed within the finds of the Solar Feasibility Study, the results have shown that the 5% of the unused rooftop solar space amounts to around 2,500 hectares of south facing roof space.

This coincides with statistics identified by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) which fund that unused roofs on warehouses total 18,500 acres of land meaning the UK is missing out on 15GW of solar energy.


PowerMarket also indicates that zero upfront capital expenditure for solar rooftop installation projects is viable via win-win power purchase agreement (PPAs) financing. This makes it “almost negligent” to not seriously evaluate if the space above offices, warehouses, data centres or science park campus’, amongst others, are “hidden cash cows”, the firm said.

Solar could also significantly contribute to the reduction of energy costs especially amid the cost-of-living crisis. Due to the volatile global gas market, renewable energy has been touted as a means to not only reduce energy bills, but also gain energy independence.

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