EV owners sharing their home-generated energy reduces their cost of living, a study finds

With the spectre of colossal electricity bills looming over us like some sort of fully charged Grim Reaper, there’s plenty of talk about how the cost benefits of running EVs might be about to suddenly disappear.

But quite apart from the fact that fossil fuel prices will only keep increasing, could there be more to the energy benefits of running an EV than merely the cost of a unit of energy?

The demand for domestic solar systems is ramping up to the extent that waiting lists for reputable installers are growing fast.

With a cheap (or in Scotland, government backed interest-free) loan, the cost of installing a solar system with battery storage could soon fall below that of paying household energy bills. Systems fitted by certified installers are also VAT-free.

Given that the majority of ‘refuelling’ for EVs is done at home, the value of installing a hybrid solar system for EV owners suddenly becomes even more attractive. It’s the equivalent of a conventional car owner having their own oil refi nery in the back garden, only more discreet

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