August is traditionally a weak auto sales month in the UK, but nevertheless plug-ins keep moving up – both in terms of net sales, and market share.

In total, 1,691 new registrations were noted last month, which was 45% more than in 2016.
The overall market declined several percent at the same time, so plug-in vehicle market share increased easily, reaching a new high of 2.21%.
Breaking down the 1,691 registrations we find:

  • 476 BEVs (up 62 percent year-over-year)
  • 1,215 PHEVs (up 39 percent year-over-year)
  • Nearly 27,500 new plug-ins have now been registered in eight months of 2017 (up 19.7%).

As you can see on the graphs, September is one of the two “peak months” for new registrations – could we be seeing a new all-time high next month?  It seems probable.


 Source: Inside EVs